About HomeServe USA

About HomeServe USA

At HomeServe USA, our mission is simple: to free our customers from the worry and inconvenience of home emergency repairs. And since 2003 we’ve been doing just that. We provide homeowners across the country with affordable home emergency repair plans that offer protection from the high costs of repair bills and provide help for home emergency repairs, all with just one phone call.

Who We Are


HomeServe USA is an independent provider of home repair service plans. For over a decade, we have protected homeowners against the expense and inconvenience of water, sewer, electrical, heating, cooling and other home emergencies by providing affordable coverage, and a quality service. HomeServe - a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business - serves over two million homeowners in the U.S. and Canada, and dedicates itself to being a customer-focused company providing best-in-class emergency repair plans through leading utility partners and directly to consumers.

  • HomeServe USA has been serving customers in North America since 2003.
  • We offer services with more than fifty utility companies, manufacturer partner brands, and service providers in the U.S. and Canada.
  • We provide service to more than 2.3 million customers, with more than 3.5 million service plans.
  • HomeServe USA is the North American arm of HomeServe PLC, a London Stock Exchange listed company in the top 200 UK companies by market capitalization

What We Do

We protect homeowners from the high cost and hassle of emergency home repairs, with repair service plans that cover parts and labor to repair critical electrical, gas, heating, cooling, and water systems. These affordable plans provide repair service in an emergency through our 24/7 repair hotline by local, licensed, and insured technicians with a $0 deductible and a one-year guarantee on all covered repairs.

Why What We Offer Is Important

Our customer surveys have shown that the majority of homeowners are unaware of what their responsibilities are regarding the maintenance and repair of their water and sewer laterals. For example, many homeowners assume their local utility covers the water pipe that runs from the street to their home. Typically, this is not the case. If a service line breaks the homeowner is responsible for the repairs, which could range from $3,000 to $10,000 or more - and according to CNN Money, 64% of consumers do not have $1,000 on hand to cover an unexpected home repair.

Customer Promise

  • HomeServe Customer PromiseCustomer Promise #1: Before a customer joins, we'll make it clear what they're buying and what it will do for them.

  • Customer Promise #2: When a customer joins, we'll tell them how much they're paying, what that buys them, and how to make a claim.

  • Customer Promise #3: When a customer becomes a member, we'll make life easy for them.

  • Customer Promise #4: When a customer makes a claim, we'll solve their problem quickly and easily - their emergency is our emergency.

  • Customer Promise #5: If a customer isn't happy, we'll listen, apologize, and make things right wherever we can, as soon as we can.

Vision, Mission and Values

In the 10 years we’ve been serving customers in the US and Canada, our vision, mission and values have remained intact. We remain committed to our customers, and strive to provide complete satisfaction.

Our Vision

To be the first place people turn to for home emergencies and repairs.

Our Mission

To free our customers from the worry and inconvenience of home emergency repairs.

Our vision is to become the top-of-mind solution for homeowners when something goes wrong in their home. In our first ten years, HomeServe became the solution for almost a million and a half homeowners, and every two minutes of every day we send a technician out to help one of them. In our next ten years, we will do that for millions more. 
Tom Rusin
Chief Executive Officer, HomeServe USA
HomeServe employees are a collection of people who are passionate about helping homeowners when something goes wrong in their home. We recognize that for the homeowner, this is truly an inconvenience and want to help solve their problem with one phone call. 

Bill Graham 
Chief Marketing Officer, HomeServe USA
In any business, the direct interaction is what the customer remembers, but there are thousands of people behind the scenes working to make that happen.  In the spirit of great, we need to hire great people, create the right culture, and give those people the tools they need to do great things. 
Mike Rauscher
Chief Relationship Officer, HomeServe USA
We are fortunate to employ skilled and tenured technicians who take great care of our customers, many of whom they know by their first name. This, plus our reputable contractor network and top-notch employees across the organization, make a great recipe for successful service delivery. 
John Kitzie
Chief Operating Officer, HomeServe USA
Our employees are enthusiastic about innovation and continuous improvement. We are well positioned for further growth with capable, dedicated people. We are well advanced on our transformational journey, and appreciate the ideas and efforts of our employees across all functions and locations to deliver our aspirations for continuous improvement. 
Rich Gannon 
Chief Financial Officer, HomeServe USA 
Before coming to work at HomeServe, I was looking for a company that offers true value for their customers. Knowing that we are out there helping hundreds of thousands of customers every year with their home emergencies is what gets me excited about coming to work every day!

Deb Dulsky
Chief Commercial Officer, HomeServe USA

Our History and Journey


HomeServe was founded in the United Kingdom in 1993 by our Global Chief Executive, Richard Harpin.

The home emergency business grew quickly; within 10 years, Doméo was launched in France, Reparalia was launched in Spain and HomeServe USA was launched in North America.

The global need for home emergency repair solutions continues to grow; our operations continue to expand with our most recent addition, Assitenza Casa in Italy.

Meet The CEO


HomeServe USA | Tom Rusin

As a homeowner, I’m very familiar with all the emergency repairs you can face when you own your home, and how important it is to find qualified professional technicians you can trust - in a hurry.

I have a plumbing service contract with HomeServe, and used the service earlier this year when we had a shower leak in our bathroom. The plumber called us back almost immediately, came when he was scheduled and spent more than two hours identifying and fixing our problem. He was very professional, very thorough and cleaned up the space perfectly.

My personal experience is only one of the reasons I take great pride in the HomeServe mission - to free our customers from the worry and inconvenience of home emergency repairs. We take that mission seriously, and employ people who are just as passionate as I am about helping homeowners when something goes wrong in their home.

Our vision is to become the top-of-mind solution for homeowners when something goes wrong in their home. In our first twelve years, HomeServe became that solution for over two million homeowners, and every one minute and twenty-seven seconds of every day, we send a technician out to help one of them. In our next twelve years, we will do that for millions more!

I hope you’ll become part of the HomeServe family, and take comfort in knowing that if you need emergency repairs, we’re here to help.

Tom Rusin

Chief Executive Officer

HomeServe USA corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At HomeServe USA, corporate and social responsibility is a core component of our culture upon which we have a rich history of giving back to the communities in which we live and work.
Supplementing our corporate efforts we constantly look for ways to support our communities and encourage our employees across North America to contribute in any way they can.

Global Locations


North America

USA map
  • HomeServe USA 
    601 Merritt 7  
    6th Floor
    CT 06851

    1232 Premier Drive 
    Suite 100 
    TN 37421 

United Kingdom

  • HomeServe PLC and Membership
    Cable Drive
    Walsall WS2 7BN
    Tel: +44 (0) 1922 659700

    HomeServe Claims Management 
    Fulwood Park 
    PR2 9NZ 
    Tel: +44 (0) 1772 758758
    HomeServe Plumbing and Drainage 
    Unit 20 
    Cherwell Business Village 
    Southam Road, Banbury 
    Oxfordshire OX16 2SP 
    Tel: +44 (0) 1295 755535

Continental Europe

Continental Europe
  • France 
    20 Rue Edouard Rochet 
    Assistenza Casa 
    via Cassinis 7 
    Camino del Cerro de los Gamos 
    1 – Edif.6 
    Parque Empresarial Cerro de los Gamos
    28224 Pozuelo de Alarcon 

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